Swiss Cheese - Part 1

A few years ago I took a chance and went to New Mexico (blog post coming soon) to learn how to build off grid housing from discarded items. I never thought I'd meet so many of my now favorite people who, lucky for me, live all over the world. 

A few of us were fotunate enough to meet up in Switzerland last week for a mini summer adventure.

We spent a day wandering around Zürich before heading up and into the Alps. Zürich is a beautiful, clean, and frustratingly efficient place. Everything is in order and makes sense from the public transit to the garbage cans, to the ornate drinking fountains on almost every block.

We checked out a weekend market where a friend of my friend sold his herbal concotions and cacti. Later, I learned what rapé snuff is (link provided - don't Google this at the office!) If you can't already tell my firends are of varying hippie types, which is why I LOVE them.

My friend Ryan receiving a rapé from a fellow shaman type medicine man at a market in Zürich.

Strolled along the lake and stopped to try a Rivella which I was purposly not told is a kind of soda made from milk.

Pop/Soda made from Milk...

Shortly after drinks we took a refreshing dip in said lake.

Then headed to the main train station to check out this magical creation.

Ayahuasca inspired art installation in the Zürich train station.

An overwhelmingly beautiful Ayahuasca inspired art installation that everyone was invited to enter and lounge in. 

Shamans were invited to perform ceremonies before the exhibit was open to the public.

I was told Shamans were asked to perform ceremonies here before the exhibit opened to the public.

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